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Epstein Suicide Watch

Comparisons between Epstein’s apparent suicide and Kennedy-Ruby assassinations are already being made. With the man who knew too much now dead could we be left with little more than conspiracy theories? What happened to Epstein’s suicide watch? Where were the wardens? Initially, CNN reported he died of cardiac arrest. Who might have given him or administered the drug that induced that? The NYT later reported he he actually hung himself. Why was he taken off suicide watch when he tried to hang himself just days ago? My first thought, who paid off the wardens? His death came one day news organizations published a cache of documents describing how he operated the equivalent of a sexual pyramid scheme. Hopefully, these documents will focus now on the remaining alleged perps, including Ghislaine Maxwell, British heiress and daughter of former media mogul, Robert Maxwell, who allegedly procured young girls for Epstein and friends. Maxwell is nowhere to be found at the moment. I’m sure Epstein’s only known client, Lesli Wexner, knows a lot, though he didn’t notice that someone – Epstein – had essentially stolen his Manhattan townhouse, the largest and most expensive residence in NYC. Wexner, who bought Victoria’s Secret when it was a little known lingerie store chain in the 80s. He is now worth $4.6 billion (the richest man in Ohio) and owns one of the largest “yachts” in the world. A young woman accused Epstein of molesting her in Wexner’s Ohio home. Last but not least is Alan Derschowitz, famous “professor emeritus at Harvard, who’s also accused of molesting Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was 16. “The Dersh” who helped broker Epstein’s 2007 sweetheart plea deal has strongly denied sexual contact with Giuffre. Giuffre also claimed Brit Royal Prince Andrew molested her when she was 17. All the allegations about Prince Andrew were struck from the court record in 2015 after being described as “immaterial and impertinent” by the judge, according to @telegraph (Read lots more by Katy Baker @thedailybeast ) #jeffreyepstein #suicide #ghislainemaxwell #lesliewexner #victoriassecret #GhislaineMaxwell #sextraffickingawareness #sexsells